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Bundle Frequently Asked Questions


1.1 Are there ISP Starter Value added Services (VAS) included in the bundle?

Bundles do not include ISP Starter VAS packages. If you change your current package to the new package, you will not be guaranteed the same Domain Name.

1.2 Will I receive the same mailbox if I migrate packages?

Please be advised to back up your email. We will attempt to remove the email from the order and re-issue your TI Mailbox order with an attempt to re-use the same mailbox

1.3 Will I be penalized for upgrading to the new Unlimited ADSL and Fibre packages?

Yes, migration of existing products to the new bundle will trigger penalties based on product business rules. This is applicable to all Broadband packages

1.4 Who do I contact when I have a query or experience any problems?

Please contact Integr8 IT as they will serve as the single point of contact for all fulfilment, assurance and billing queries.

1.5 Which products are excluded from the Service Level Agreement?

Access connectivity on Broadband will not form part of the service SLA.

1.6 What happens if I require data connectivity on my Smart Business Gateway (SBG)?

If data connectivity feature is required to be activated as part of the SBG product, a solution approach will be followed for the entire order at additional costs.

1.7 What happens if I order additional products and services after my bundle order has been created?

Any additional product/service that will be ordered as an optional add on after the bundle order has been closed, will not form part of the bundles contract.

1.8 How long will my bundle contract be?

Customers are required to sign a 24-month contract on all deals

1.9 Must I comply with RICA?

Yes, you will have to comply with RICA

1.10 Do I have to be credit vetted?

Yes, you will need to pass the credit vetting process

1.11 Am I eligible to receive a discount on Add-ons?

No, there will no discounts applicable to Add-Ons

1.12 Am I eligible for any discounts on the bundle?

Yes, Product discounts will apply to the Flexi bundle if your spend exceeds R1100

1.13 How will I be billed?

You will be billing on your bundles in arrears.

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