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FREE ME Frequently Asked Questions


1.1 How will the service be offered to me?

  • The FreeMe Postpaid and product offering will be available as a new 24-month contract with a device. Once the contract has matured, the service shall continue to run month-to-month until such time you decide to renew, migrate, convert or terminate the service.
  • The existing Telkom Mobile conversion, migration and termination business rules apply. You cannot migrate from FreeMe plans to any earlier legacy plans previously offered by Telkom from the date that FreeMe is introduced to the market.

1.2 Do I qualify for the offer?

This offer is available to all new and existing Telkom Consumer and Business customers and supports mobile number port-in. You will need to pass the credit vetting and RICA process to proceed with the subscription.

1.3 Can I still make use of out of bundle data?

All FreeMe Postpaid plans shall be permitted to utilize data out of bundle by default, while notifications are sent for bundle depletion.

1.4 Will I keep my International Roaming and International calling rates?

All International Roaming and International calling rates, as currently in use, shall remain in place for FreeMe Postpaid plans.

1.5 Can I carry over any leftover data?

No carry over of Data resources for monthly recurring bundles or plan components are permitted.

1.6 Are Value Added Services such as Unlimited VAS (Unlimited Friends & Family) still available to me?

All available Value Added Services such as Unlimited VAS (Unlimited Friends & Family) shall remain in place for you to purchase using self-service.

1.7 What functionality comes with FreeMe?

Functionalities such as Call Forward, Call Waiting, Call Barring, Airtime Transfer, Clip Restriction per Call, remains in place for all FreeMe Postpaid plans.

1.8 Can I buy Voice bundles?

All current Voice bundles available on USSD self-service shall be available to FreeMe Postpaid Plans.

1.9 Tell me more about how your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) works?

  • A Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for Free On-net Calls is specified as 3000 minutes per month. The FUP shall be enforced on a case by case basis. Notifications shall be sent to you as and when required.
  • Fair Usage Policy for calling to all Networks for FreeMe 20GB & FreeMe Unlimited: - FUP of 3000 minutes for Telkom to Off Net National Networks for FreeMe Unlimited.
  • - FUP of 1500 minutes for Telkom to Off Net National Networks for FreeMe 20GB
  • The Free SMS component will be subject to a Fair Usage policy of not more than 50 SMS’s per day. Once the 51st SMS is sent out of bundle rate charging will commence at R0.30 per SMS of 160 characters or less.
  • Notifications shall be sent to you as and when required. If you exceed the FUP, you will be charged for calls after being notified at the applicable out-of-bundle rate.
  • Free Calling using IM FUP permitted is 2GB per month, not transferable to the following month. Usage speed shall be throttled to 64 kbps after reaching the FUP Limit. To restore service to full speed, a FreeMe Boost bundle can be purchased using self-service options.
  • All data traffic on FreeMe Unlimited that directs toward Peer-to-Peer sites or uses torrent applications will automatically be throttled to 128kbps upload and 128kbps download.
  • The FreeMe Unlimited Data benefit is governed by a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 25GB per month. The speed shall be throttled to 128kbps if a subscriber reaches a data usage soft cap of 25GB before the end of the month. The speed shall be reset to normal speed at the beginning of each calendar month, alternatively, subscribers can purchase once-off or recurring data bundles

1.10 What Telkom numbers are excluded from the FreeMe calling plans?

  • FreeMe calls to Telkom numbers exclude calls to Telkom non-geographic numbers, like toll-free, share-call or smart-access numbers. (e.g. 0800, 0861, 0860). All non-geographic numbers to other operators shall further be excluded from the FreeMe Telkom call benefit.
  • Telkom shall not be liable for charges incurred where the subscriber dials non-qualifying numbers. Qualifying numbers include all numbers that are serviced by National Mobile Operators, including Telkom fixed line and Neotel. Any other number, be it a premium rated, international, non-geographic, VoIP or any other network is excluded from the product.

1.11 Can my FreeMe benefits be used for commercial purposes?

  • FreeMe benefits may only be used for private and personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. This offer is only applicable for person-to-person usage and the SIM associated with a FreeMe product shall not be used for purposes of least cost routing, server hosting, Internet cafés, Wi-Fi hotspots, international bypasses, payphones or call centres. Failure to adhere to these conditions shall be a breach of these product terms and conditions and Telkom Mobile shall have the right to immediately suspend the services.
  • Telkom will regard the exceptions mentioned in the point above as fraudulent activity and suspend the service immediately pending an investigation. (Note: Telkom reserves the right to suspend/terminate this service when any fraudulent activity is suspected).

1.12 Am I eligible for any discounts on the bundle?

Yes, product discounts will apply to the Flexi bundle if your spend exceeds R1100

1.13 How will I be billed?

You will be billing on your bundles in arrears.

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