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Unlimited DSL & FIBRE Bundles FAQ


1.1 Who qualifies for the Unlimited DSL and Fibre bundles:

  • Anyone who needs an upgrade within the Unlimited Business product catalogue including Stand-alone products
  • Current Soft-cap customers
  • Voice only customers without DSL/Fibre and Internet
  • Uncapped stand-alone offers
  • Customers with DSL/Fibre line with Telkom but internet with other ISP providers

1.2 How can I check if I qualify for a particular line speed?

To check if you qualify for a speed upgrade click the following link:

1.3 What are the contract options available to me?

24-month contract with a free Wi-Fi enabled modem:

  • The modem comes with a 1 year warranty. Should you experience any problems with modem, please direct these queries to Integrate IT.
  • If the customer cancels the ADSL/FTTH service before the contract expiry date, the customer is eligible for a penalty.
  • Free installation on 24-month contract bundles.

1.4 What happens if I do not have ADSL or Fibre available in my area?

If no ADSL/FTTB broadband infrastructure is available, 3G or LTE will be recommended to you as a solution with their respective bundles on offer if the you are within the footprint.

1.5 How is the Telkom Internet data allocated on the bundles?

TI (Telkom Internet) Mobile data will be allocated as follows to these bundles:

  • 1GB TI Mobile Data for 4Mbps
  • 2GB TI Mobile Data for 8Mbps and 10Mbps
  • 3GB TI Mobile Data for 20Mbps, 40Mbps and 100Mbps

1.6 Do Integrated Data Services form part of the bundles?

Integrated Data Services (fixed to mobile failover) will not be applicable to these new Unlimited Business offers (it is applicable to Soft Capped offers only).

1.7 What happens if I cancel my service within the 24 months?

Penalties will apply if you cancel the service before the end of 24-month contract.

1.8 What is the Fair Usage Policy on Unlimited Voice?

The FUP values for Unlimited voice will be as follows:

  • 1,000 minutes Fixed to Fixed
  • 1,000 minutes Fixed to Telkom Mobile

1.9 Tell me more about how your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) works?

  • A Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for Free On-net Calls is specified as 3000 minutes per month. The FUP shall be enforced on a case by case basis. Notifications shall be sent to you as and when required.
  • Fair Usage Policy for calling to all Networks for FreeMe 20GB & FreeMe Unlimited: - FUP of 3000 minutes for Telkom to Off Net National Networks for FreeMe Unlimited.
  • - FUP of 1500 minutes for Telkom to Off Net National Networks for FreeMe 20GB
  • The Free SMS component will be subject to a Fair Usage policy of not more than 50 SMS’s per day. Once the 51st SMS is sent out of bundle rate charging will commence at R0.30 per SMS of 160 characters or less.
  • Notifications shall be sent to you as and when required. If you exceed the FUP, you will be charged for calls after being notified at the applicable out-of-bundle rate.
  • Free Calling using IM FUP permitted is 2GB per month, not transferrable to the following month. Usage speed shall be throttled to 64 kbps after reaching the FUP Limit. To restore service to full speed, a FreeMe Boost bundle can be purchased using self-service options.
  • All data traffic on FreeMe Unlimited that directs toward Peer-to-Peer sites or uses torrent applications will automatically be throttled to 128kbps upload and 128kbps download.
  • The FreeMe Unlimited Data benefit is governed by a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 25GB per month. The speed shall be throttled to 128kbps if a subscriber reaches a data usage soft cap of 25GB before the end of the month. The speed shall be reset to normal speed at the beginning of each calendar month, alternatively, subscribers can purchase once-off or recurring data bundles
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