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Smart Business Gateway (SBG) FAQ


1.1 Is lightning protection a compulsory element of the service?

Yes, Lighting protection is a compulsory item and will be charged for

Please be aware that you must not bypass the lightning protection box. Should this happen and there is lightning damage you will be liable for damages.

1.2 Is an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) included as part of the solution?

No, a battery backup cannot be connected to the system. If you require a UPS, you will be charged for this functionality.

1.3 Does Telkom cover me if I damage my DECT or WiFi Handset?

No, Telkom is not liable for damage on DECT or WiFi handsets

1.4 How many Power over Ethernet points are supplied with the 8-port HUB?

Only 4 Power over Ethernet points are supplied with the 8-port built-in HUB

1.5 Under what conditions must I supply my own switch?

In cases where more than 7x IP terminals are required you must supply your own switch.

1.6 Will LAN be provided?

No, you must supply your own LAN to connect your PC’s i.e. switches, cabling etc.

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